Accounting and Invoicing

Italy (IT)

PEC mail #

This guide will explain how to use e-invoice in CPA Books and how to properly set up company data, contacts and accounting. To test the electronic invoice, the data must be real and not invented, otherwise the tax office system will not recognize the exchange of information.

Configure information about your company #

The next step is to configure the information necessary for electronic invoicing to work. You can access the screen from the Settings application: select “Users and companies” and choose Companies. Then access the information on the Company for which you want to configure electronic invoicing.

The data necessary for the functioning of the electronic invoicing tool are the following:

  • PEC server. The server information used by your certified email address is provided by your provider or the Ministry. The same server must be configured as a server that manages all mail correspondence in CPA Books, to learn more you can consult the relative guide .
  • PEC address of the Company, this address must be the same one registered with the Revenue Agency for the use of electronic invoicing services.
  • PEC address of the Revenue Agency. The email will be provided when registering your PEC with the Revenue Agency, remember that the Revenue Agency may change this address later, upon notice.
  • VAT number and tax code. In order for Electronic Invoicing to work properly, these fields must be filled in correctly.
  • Tax regime. The tax regime to which the Company is subject must be selected by choosing from the pre-filled list provided by Odoo. Ask the accountant what the correct tax regime is!
  • Registration number in the commercial register.


Configure the settings for Electronic Invoicing #

  • Registration number in the Business Register held at the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Tax Representative. This option is dedicated to companies based outside the national territory but conducting commercial activities in Italy relevant for VAT purposes. It is possible to indicate in this field if the Company uses a Tax Representative in Italy.


Configure the customer profile #

For a correct use of the application, the customer and supplier profile, in the contacts application, must be configured with the necessary legal information.

By selecting the customer’s name and then accessing his data, you will find the following fields that must be filled in: PEC address, Fiscal Code and PA Index which must contain the 6-7 characters contained in the PA index and necessary for communication by invoice electronics .


The billing process #

You can proceed to issue an invoice by following the instructions of the application. The moment that determines the formal sending of the invoice is the moment in which the “Valid” option is selected. The invoice is then sent: the status of its delivery will be notified to the user via a pop-up on the initial part of the invoice screen.

../../../../../_images/italy_IT04.png../../../../../_images/italy_IT05.pngThe messages that may appear are the following:

  1. Invoice invited. Waiting for acceptance
  2. Sending failed. You can change the invoice and send it again
  3. The invoice has been correctly sent and accepted by the recipient.

The various stages of shipping and receipt of the invoice are also visible from the list of Invoices in the form of icons, next to the “Status” column from the accounting application.

Red Icon : Sending failed

Yellow Icon : Invoice invited. Waiting for acceptance

Green Icon : Invoice sent and accepted by the recipient

To send the invoice via PEC and generate the XML file, just click on send. The document will then be shown in the attachments.